A Kings Castles Princess Bailey 


Sire: Ch Boldhearts Little Rascal

Dam: Ch Boldhearts Abigal Rain

Bailey is the matriarch of the family and soon to be great grandmother! She is my heart dog...I have never met a sweeter, smarter, more loving dog than this girl. She is a beautiful soul. At fourteen years old, she is still running around and loving life. She takes her job very seriously and will no doubt keep the great grandpups in line!!!!


Windy Peak Smokin' Cinder, TKN, CGC

Sire: Multi BIS NAKC Hall of Fame MASCA Grand Champion

Radiant Mar-A -Lago Ready For Take Off

Dam: A Kings Castles Princess Bailey

This is our first home grown girl........she just loves everyone and is quite the teddy bear, just like her dad was! I couldn't ask for a better temperament. She could jump six feet high for a frisbee in her younger years! Looking forward to trying new things with her this year. First up is Barn Hunt!!! Stay tuned....more to come for this beauty!!!


Foxfire Jump For Joy, NA, NAJ, IAC, IJC, BR-I, TN-N, TKN, CGC

Sire: Mayes Mercy Me Turbo Jet

Dam: Windy Peak Smokin' Cinder

Jenny is my athlete extraordinaire!! This girl was nicknamed Jumpin' Jenny as a pup and hasn't stopped jumping since!!! Her energy level and athletic ability are off the charts. She excels in agility, loves to swim and rivals her mom in frisbee. We have done dock diving, paddle boarding, disc dog...she loves it all!!! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for her.....perhaps a MACH title??

But first, she's got some puppies to raise!

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